By Duane S. Malm

I found it interesting to read that a reviewer recommend this book to teenagers. I am recommending it to septuagenarians and octogenarians. I found this a truly inspiring book as it made a great case that us older folk should never give up on dreaming and then taking action to make those dreams come true in one way or another. You may be surprised to find that you are not too old to make some dreams come true!  This is such a well written book tha I didn't put it down until I finished the last apage.

Daydreamer Extraordinaire 

Clifford Wendell is a modern day version of James Thurber's Walter Mitty. Clifford is fourteen and approaching his next birthday. He loves to read and imagines being inside the story becoming each of the characters in his favorite books.

After meeting the beautiful Maris Whittingly in the library, his favorite place to visit, he has a severe accident. While on the mend, he enters a book writing contest urged on by Maris and puts his imagination to work. Soon after, his efforts revive the sleepy town of Chance and his book becomes a national phenomenon. Everyone who lives in Chance, shares Clifford's success but at a great price.

This book is an imaginative and uplifting adventure of the spirit with a strong Catholic appeal for young children and adults who still give safe harbor to young hearts. There are no wizards, witches or vampires, yet the story still succeeds to stir the heart's imagination and take the reader on a fun and inspiring ride. 

Its a great book for teachers and students. After reading how Clifford created his book, teachers can take students on their own literary adventure by creating a book writing project shared by the entire class. 

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By Marnie

This book is an enjoyable read from beginning to end. It will peak your interest from chapter to chapter all the way to the surprise ending. Highly imaginative and fun and a roller coaster for the heart. Young teens will like it but we can all learn something from Clifford Wendell who teaches us to hold on to our youthful imagination all the way to the end of our lives. This is a good book for teachers and potentially a terrific model for a class writing project.

Michael A. Durney