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The Adventures of Mary Winston
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Time To Write

I've waited forty years to start where I began. When I was eighteen, my underdeveloped imagination urged me to become a writer of the great American novel. I think the longest sustained effort landed on six pages. I waited and waited for the story to come into focus but it never came and my career was over before it began.

Graduation brought sales, advertising, marketing, entrepreneurship, marriage, children, a double order of life's unpredictable moments and sudden left turns.

Well... I found that if you turn left enough times, you end up back at the beginning. The story finally came into focus and then kept on coming. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Michael A. Durney 

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The Red Canoe
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Four MacGregor generations have passed since the Civil War. Two sisters, granddaughters of Ian MacGregor, form an unlikely relationship with photojournalist Derrick Nolen, and attempt to discover the truth behind a long-lost family history and a legendary treasure. 

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Adam Moss learns how quickly war becomes personal when his wife and son are captured by the enemy six thousand miles away.

A Thriller that takes you to Afghanistan, Manassas, Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Follow Clifford Wendell's imagination like a comet streaking across the sky before it drops out of sight!

Great for all ages 12 and up!  

Follow the fantasies of Mary Winston, in 3 short stores: a lawyer for Templeton & Moore and private detective at night.

The Council of Meriquay

The Night of the Whispering Cat

The Trouble with Pirates